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Dear Ones,

I want to make you aware of a transition on our synod staff. Rev. Jennifer Beamsley is moving from full-time Assistant to the Bishop to a new part-time role as the Northern Illinois Synod Steward of Mobility and Congregations in Transition.

This new role will be part time and will focus solely on the work of seeking out and retaining rostered ministers AND journeying with congregations in transition. In anticipation of your questions, taking this role to part-time with a singular focus is an innovation that actually allows for deeper work and more time spent on this area.

Pastor Beamsley will still be available to preach, but her primary focus will be on congregations in transition.

As we have all settled into our areas of focus, the staff has seen the need for one person to manage our transitions. Previous models had synod staff managing the congregations in their conferences on top of other duties and then connecting those vacancies and needs with the person who monitored rostered leader paperwork. We found this model to be challenging for several reasons, including the reality that there is now no “normal” for transition.

Having one staff member focus solely on transitions has enabled us address practical immediate needs quickly, to develop a unified process and curriculum to support the time of transition, and to coordinate each unique community with the options for them. This position will be able to focus on that overall process, while also working with the DEM for opportunities in shared ministry as those become geographically and practically possible.

As part of the work of this position, Pastor Beamsley will also be able to focus on multiplying those who do this work. She will not be the only one involved in transitions; gradually others will be trained and brought on board, including coaches and conference deans.

The timeline for this shift begins on May 1st, when Pastor Beamsley will move to a strict 40 hours per week. On August 1st, she will officially move to part-time.

Thank you for your continued prayers for Pastor Beamsley and all our staff as we transition. See you soon at Synod Assembly!

In Christ, 

Bishop Stacie Fidlar