Please refer to the list provided below to confirm the number of lay voting members your congregation is allowed. These voting members should be, if possible, equally divided between male and female and from different households. In addition, each congregation may register one additional voting member who is either a youth (under age 18/confirmed) or young adult (ages 18-29).

Rostered ministers under call are expected to attend all synod assemblies.[1]  All pastors, deacons, and interim pastors rostered in the Northern Illinois Synod serving synod congregations will be voting members of the assembly (costs are the congregation's responsibility). Retired pastors and deacons, as well as those on leave from call and those with disability status, have voice and vote provided they register prior to the assembly date, otherwise, they have voice, but not vote (registration fees are waived).

[1] S14.25. “All Ministers of Word and Sacrament under a call shall attend meetings of the synod assembly…” and Constitutional Provision S14.47. “All Ministers of Word and Service under a call shall attend meetings of the synod assembly…”  

The listed "baptized membership figures" of the 138 Northern Illinois Synod congregations, as reported to the ELCA through each congregation's year-end statistical report (parochial report) as of 12/31/2021, is the basis for determining the "number of lay voting members" selected to attend the assembly. 

The "baptized membership" formula consists of the top 10% of our congregations receiving four lay voting members, the next top 10% of our congregations receiving three lay voting members, and the remainder of our congregations receiving two lay voting members.