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We’ve received reports of emails pretending to be Bishop Staice asking for urgent help, these emails are a scam. Please ignore them and, use your report spam button to flag them and get the scam shut down.

You will likely be asked for a contribution of gift cards or something else of that nature. You will notice that it is not coming from her official email address. The Bishop will never send such a message or solicit funds in this way.

Please continue to be vigilant and verify with our office if you believe something is suspicious. If you ever receive an email that is suspicious, please contact the Synod Office before doing anything else. 

We remind everyone that email scams are back, including fake emails and texts from Bishops, Pastors, and Deacons. Please be very suspicious of any requests for money from Bishop Stacie or other Northern Illinois Synod Staff members (except for statements of intent of course, which we remind you to please fill out as we plan our next year of ministry).

We’re including and adapting a scam awareness PDF created by the Southeastern Iowa synod which has great tips on how to recognize scam text and emails.